Have a car that takes CNG, is it a struggle to find fuel? Did you think it would be tough when you bought a car that runs on Compressed Natural Gas? Was it worth it?

There are more options for people to use non-gasoline fuel options for cars here in the Hudson Valley, E-85, Ethanol, and even electricity. But while there are electric car charging stations all throughout the Hudson Valley, (845), are there places where you can find Compressed Natural Gas, otherwise known as CNG?

Where can you find Compressed Natural Gas in the Hudson Valley, NY?

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Finding Compressed Natural Gas seems to be a huge challenge for those located in the Hudson Valley, and even the Catskills regions. What does a person do if they are in need and unable to find any? Do they end up on the side of the road waiting, like if a person was to run out of gasoline?

So, since (at this time) there aren't any CNG stations in the Hudson Valley, where can you get it, closest to the 845?

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The closest place to the HV to get the CNG is in Valhalla. Yep, Valhalla. Here is the address: Con Edison - Eastview Service Center, 315 Old Saw Mill River Rd
Valhalla, NY 10595. Could the lack of places to get CNG, be the reason that you see so few natural gas vehicles? Do you have one? Do you know of another, closer location to get CNG? If so, please let us know, we will add it to the list.

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