It seems like every single year we come across some wack job that thinks the world is coming to and end. As crazy as the human race is, we're never to blame in all of these doomsday scenarios. It's always some cataclysmic event. This time it was in the form of a planet I've never even heard of.

Hey, we made it. Did you have any clue that you were even in danger? Probably not because it's all a bunch of gobbedly gook.

According to Metro, a scientist claims that the pyramids of Giza predicted yesterday, September, 23 of 2017 was going to be the end of us all. Who knows more about extinction than an empire that pulled brains from the dead, wrapped them up in towels, believed in a giant flying dog creature and worshiped cats?

Bright Leonid Fireball

Anyway, Nibiru or Planet X was supposed to crash into us yesterday. Spoiler alert: it didn't. I for one am a little bit bummed. It seems like it could have been fun.

Now that we're all still here, why don't we try to be a little more kind to each other if we're going to have to share this rock a little longer?