A construction sign in the Hudson Valley appeared to have been hacked to promote President Donald Trump and criticize Gov. Andrew Cuomo.

Early Wednesday morning a construction sign on Washington Avenue appeared to have been hacked to display political advertising. Two were pro-President Donald Trump while another was against Gov. Andrew Cuomo.

"Couldn't believe my eyes this morning on Washington...," Erin Mayne Kleinke said on Facebook while sharing photos of what she spotted, which can be seen below.

According to the Facebook post, the construction sigh read, "Trump 2020," "Cuomo Killed NY" "Trump 2020 MAGA!!!" and "You Will Be Late!"

Hudson Valley Post initially reached out to officials from the City of Beacon but learned the construction sign was on Washington Avenue in the Town of Fishkill.

"These are not City of Beacon signs and are part of a road construction project for the Town of Fishkill," City of Beacon City Administrator Anthony J. Ruggiero said in an email.

Hudson Valley Post then contacted Town of Fishkill Supervisor Ozzy Albra who confirmed the sign was in the Town of Fishkill and has since been corrected.

"It's in the town of Fishkill. It's a private construction sign notifying residents of a future road closing. An unknown person changed the text and since has been corrected. The owner of the sign is Admar construction equipment," Albra confirmed in an email.

Hudson Valley Post then reached out to ADMAR Construction Equipment & Supplies. A company spokesperson was aware of the change in the sign. The spokesperson told us over the phone the sign can be programmed right on the machine and once it's placed on site it's "out of Admar's control."

It remains unclear who changed the sign.

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