We use the term psycho pretty often to describe someone who is a bit off kilter but are they really as crazy as you might think? Thankfully, research done at a university right here in New York may have found a few warning signs. Do you have any of the signs? Don't wait and find out now.

It's good to know that the students at Cornell University are taking a step in the right direction towards finding out the social cues of the psychopaths of the Hudson Valley.

Michele Piacquadio

According to an article from Inc, there are a few ways to determine if you are talking to psychopath just by listening to what they're talking about. Research from Cornell suggests the psycho's love to talk about three things very commonly. You may be chatting with a complete psycho if they love talking about money, sex and food.

People who talk about these things may have traits of psycho. Do these points make it in your conversations? If so, you may have some room to be worried. You may never actually act on these psychopathic traits however, you may want to change up your arsenal of things to talk about.