Do you keep your undies for more than a year? If so, you could be doing your body some serious harm. I think a lot of us could be in some trouble if this is true.

Will they start putting expiration dates on our underwear? The most qualified doctors and scientists are hard at work trying to keep us safe from our own dirty laundry.

According to an study posted in the Daily Mail, scientists have concluded that we must throw away our underwear after a years worth of use. If not, we could be putting our bodies in danger of some serious illnesses.

Almost 20% of men and wear the underwear several times before finally throwing them in the wash. Even if if you wash them regularly they can still build up a lot of fecal matter and bacteria like E. coli which could lead to infections that ultimately kill you. Even in a minor case, E. coli can also cause yeast and urinary tract infections.


If you don't throw away your underwear every year or plan to experts advise you to wash your britches with bleach.