What was Tropical Storm Isaias is now a hurricane, and it's heading for Florida according to the National Hurricane Center. There are a lot of questions, such as; where will its path eventually take? Many models seem to agree that the storm, which is expected to strengthen further, will brush up the East coast next week. Will its path eventually take it near the northeast?

The NY Post says the hurricane is crossing the Bahamas Friday and should impact Florida by Saturday afternoon. Forecasters say it's current path could bring wind and rain to the area by late Tuesday into early Wednesday. New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio even said that they're already keeping an eye on the storm as it moves close to shore.

Of course, by the time Isaias were to reach this area, it would no longer be a hurricane. Its effects may not be much more than just heavy rain and winds, which you could during any given summer storm. It is still too early to tell. We keep you informed as time goes on.

The hurricane center says the storm's current winds are around 75 M.P.H., which makes it a Category 1.

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