One of the most iconic--and frequently mocked--products of the 90s will be coming back, according to Pepsi.

If you were cognizant around 1993, you absolutely remember the phenomenon that was Crystal Pepsi. Debuting with this ad in January 1993 during Super Bowl XXVII (the one in which the Cowboys beat the Bills 52-17):

If you were not cognizant at the time, here's what Crystal Pepsi was: Pepsi. That was clear. That's literally all it was. Clear Pepsi.

There were high hopes for this pseudo-relaunching, which were confirmed when the brand reportedly did very well... for the beginning of 1993. But, like New Coke before it, it turns out people liked their cola just fine as it was, and this experiment ended by the beginning of 1994.

But, like anything, regardless of quality, some people growing up during the early 1990s have been holding a certain nostalgia for the shooting star that was Crystal Pepsi. Internet personality LA Beast in particular (you probably know him from his video of eating disgusting/disgusting amounts of things--including vomiting up Crystal Pepsi) has been advocating for a return from the brand, and he's ready to share some good (?) news:


Now that we know Crystal Pepsi is coming back, there is just one question that remains unanswered: Why?