Gov. Cuomo believes the Hudson Valley is "one of the most magnificent places on the globe."

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On Friday, Gov. Cuomo was in the Hudson Valley to make a surprise announcement at LEGOLAND New York. It was unclear what "announcement" Cuomo was going to make in Goshen but Hudson Valley Post expected it was about the official opening of the theme park. As it turned out, we were correct.

Gov. Cuomo announced the opening of the final land to open at the LEGOLAND New York Resort in Goshen, the first new major theme park in the Northeast in more than four decades.

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"The pandemic took a devastating toll on New York, and as we make our comeback, the new LEGOLAND New York Resort in Orange County is a testament to the resilience and ingenuity that this state has always been known for," Cuomo said. "This magnificent destination for people of all ages will help spur the Mid-Hudson region's economic recovery, jumpstart the state's critical tourism industry, and provide a world-class, family-friendly experience for travelers from all over the world."

Cuomo went on to say he believes LEGOLAND New York will help others learn about how magnificent the Hudson Valley is.

"What LEGOLAND is going to be is a magnet, an attraction for a magnificent part of the state that has been unrealized to date. Come to the Hudson Valley. Look how magnificent, look at the attractions, come to the Hudson Valley. See LEGOLAND, but you know what? Also, come to the Walkway Over The Hudson, also come to the Storm King Art Center. Also, see Bethel Woods. Experience the Hudson River Valley, that is one of the most magnificent places on the globe. Come see the Hudson River, one of the (real) gifts of Mother Nature and that's what Legoland is going to do."

Check out all you need to know about the Hudson Valley theme park below:

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