This picture is evidence that some people just don't respect the cart return. I guess they just gave up.

Shopping carts are a hot topic for debate all over the Hudson Valley. Do you return your shopping cart to the corral or the storefront where the rest of the carts are located?

Are you a jerk if you don't return your cart?

To some people it is second nature but to others it is not seen as the customer's responsibility.

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I will say that I don't judge people who do not put their shopping cart away. I saw an episode of Dr. Phil once where they discussed a popular Facebook series called Cart Narcs where this man was pretending to be an officer who enforces the store's cart return. A lot of people take offense when customers do not return their shopping cart.

Once I had a kid I realized that you do not always have the opportunity to put the cart back. When I strap my kid in the car seat I do not want to leave my toddler in the car to walk all the way back to the store. I will put it in a nearby corral or a mulched area.

This person seemed like they went half way and then just gave up. Why even bother? This customer just made it much easier for the cart to roll into traffic and hit a car. Either put it back or put it somewhere out of the way but don't be like this person.


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