Every Friday at 5 pm Simon counts down the top 5 most requested songs of the week with the WRRV Buzzcuts.

It's been a huge year for Alice Merton, she's established herself with the very catchy 'No Roots'. This week it lands at number five on the countdown. Walk The Moon have a new album out now and 'One Foot' is the lead single, it's sitting at number four this week. Weezer just released a new album and are already talking about releasing another one. Slow down Weezer, let us enjoy 'Happy Hour' at number three. Thirty Seconds To Mars had been lodged at number one for three weeks with 'Walk On Water'. But, the new Dashboard Confessional has earned their first number one on the Buzzcuts in many moons. 'We Fight' will be performed live in the Hudson Valley on January 23rd at WRRV Sessions.

5. Alice Merton 'No Roots'

4. Walk The Moon 'One Foot'

3. Weezer 'Happy Hour'

2. Thirty Seconds To Mars 'Walk On Water'

1. Dashboard Confessional 'We Fight'