Maybe they were having bad day?

Who is Dave Portnoy? Portnoy is an is a popular and successful entrepreneur who founded Barstool Sports in the early 2000's. The small publication he created has grown into one of the biggest media empires on the internet and social media.

Even if you don't follow Barstool Sports you still may know Portnoy. Almost every New Yorker recognizes him from his viral pizza reviews. He has the power to add instant credibility to almost any restaurant based on his glowing reviews of their pizza.

I have tried to get Portnoy here to try our restaurants for years. He has visited a few of them.

He made it to Rhinebeck about two years ago.
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Dave Portnoy destroys Upstate New York Schenectady restaurant's pizza.

It looks like Upstate New York restaurant's pizza didn't exactly blow him away. He joked about it in of his latest reviews. He did note that the restaurant probably had amazing things on their menu besides the pizza. Even the staff members didn't seem to be too excited about their pizza.

To be clear Portnoy never slammed the restaurant. Just their pizza as it clearly wasn't their strong suit. Maybe they should get an asterisk. The brewery may serve pizza but it is certainly not their is specialty.

The trip was not for nothing. He did enjoy some pizza at a nearby restaurant.


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