More and more, Marvel’s aborted Deadpool series with Donald Glover seems like a missed opportunity. New writer insight suggests the animated project sought to be as madcap as Rick and Morty, with leaked test footage that corroborates as much.

It was less than a week ago we first learned that FX and Marvel abandoned the project over “creative differences,” and both Glover and his brother Stephen have since come forth with curious explanations involving racism and Taylor Swift. Now, The Wrap fields new insight with writer Stefani Robinson, who confirmed the Glovers’ take indeed borrowed inspiration from Rick and Morty, an obsessively popular Adult Swim series run by none other than Donald’s old Community boss, Dan Harmon:

I know that ‘Ricky [sic] and Morty’ is something that we were all heavily influenced by. And maybe not necessarily in tone specifically or what type of jokes they were telling, but I think that we were sort of influenced by — the show takes really big swings, and it has such a broad crazy universe and the show is hard to nail down you know? Every episode you don’t know what you are going to get.

The stories are all over the place in a really inspiring way. That’s my relationship with the ‘Rick and Morty’ of it all. We were heavily inspired by it. We watched it a lot. And we were excited by creating a show that was similar in how it took risks and had a big broad universe.

Robinson’s comparison follows a since-deleted tweet from Stephen Glover that claimed “we definitely wanted to give Rick and Morty a run for their money and I think we would have.” And while it appears more scripts were written than initial reports claimed, as-yet-unclear is if animators Floyd County produced any test footage. We do have a look at Titmouse’s pitch for the series, though it should be noted the Venture Bros. arthouse did not ultimately land the job:

Time will tell if the Glovers or others speak more candidly about the project, but will the live-action Deadpool be enough tide us over?

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