No truck, no problem.

Utica, New York has been at the center of attention this week after pictures of a man carrying a dead deer on the back of his motorized scooter went viral.

I think you can file this as one of those things you probably should try in a small town. When you live in a busy city you're bound to see some odd behavior. According to Google, Utica has a population of just over 60,000. It's a dense and populated city. You can't hunt for venison on the crowded streets but that didn't stop this absolute legend from bagging a deer.

You don't need a big truck to take home game. It seemed to fit perfectly on the back of his motorized scooter.

Pictures of the man have gotten shared thousands of times. Many are criticizing the man while others are defending him. What exactly is going on in this picture? Did someone hunt this deer then give give him the body? The general consensus on Facebook seems to be that he packed up road kill.

Here is a short video that was shared on TikTok earlier this week:

@jennyred0420 A man and his deer in Utica NY. Did he hit it or shoot it? How did he strap bambi up like that, and whos gonna help him take it down? I wonder how many kids got lucky enough to see this one of a kind moment. #onlyinUtica#uticadeerman#uticanydeerguy♬ original sound - Jenny Red
What are your thoughts? Sure, it may be a little odd but did the guy doing anything wrong?

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