A deer jumped through a law office window in Fishkill on Tuesday according to an article on hvnn.com. An adult sized female deer or doe apparently broke and jumped through a window on Main Street ending up inside the law offices of Ronald K. Friedman, Esq.

In December, three hunters were accused of illegally hunting several deer. Just before that, the state of NY increased the penalties of first-time deer poachers and even more so for repeat offenders.

I've never seen any human complain or protest deer poaching in the state of NY. I speculate the reason being that most people find deer to be a pest that eats their garden crop and jump in front of their car while driving a little to fast on the Taconic. I'd like to think that this deer was angry and decided to take out their aggression on the first window they saw that day. The fact that it was a law office is most likely coincidence, but we will never know for sure.

Both the deer and paralegal survived the ordeal, although the deer did get scratched up a bit.

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