Where is the best place tot get stacks upon stacks of salted meats and cheese in the Newburgh area? I love a good deli sandwich. Who doesn't? Delis give you quick and delicious options but still don't have that fast food feel to it. Whether it's for breakfast, lunch, or dinner most New Yorkers enjoy stopping by their favorite deli and many visit on a daily basis.

A good deli has something for everyone at just about anytime of the day. You can get a sausage, egg and cheese in the morning and at lunchtime, if you want an Italian sandwich with some extra mozzarella, you can bet a good deli in the Hudson Valley will have just what you need.

Believe it or not, the deli experience that we have here in the Hudson Valley and the rest of New York State is not something that you can experience everywhere. I grew up in Michigan and there weren't any delis near my house. If you wanted a good sandwich the only place you could go was the nearest Subway restaurant. As much as I love Subway, it just doesn't compare to a good deli.

Check out these delis according to Yelp in or near Newburgh. Delis in this area didn't have as many reviews as places in other cities but they're till worth checking out. These delis are not listed in a particular order. Did your favorite deli make the list?

Here are 7 top-rated delis near the Newburgh, New York area according to Yelp.

7 Best Delis Near Newburgh, New York According to Yelp