Former New York Yankees star and Baseball Hall of Famer Derek Jeter has finally sold his Orange County, NY mansion. The final sale price, however, could be a bad omen for other high-end real estate currently listed in the area.

The Hudson Valley has been steadily gaining notoriety as a must-go destination for decades, and with new signs popping up every day that this cluster of counties is becoming a hotter and hotter vacation destination for the wealthy, it may seem logical that the luxury house market would be thriving as well. Not necessarily.

Derek Jeter's Hudson Valley, NY Castle

It's been more than six years since the former Yankee shortstop listed his literal castle for sale for a staggering $14.75 million dollars. Since that day, and despite price cuts and even an auction, the mansion remained without a buyer.

Who Finally Bought Derek Jeter's Hudson Valley, NY Castle?

While the home certainly appeals to a specific taste (check out the turrets below), it still seemed like someone with deep pockets would eventually step up. While the final price of the listing has not yet been revealed, the buyer who eventually made the purchase this month undoubtedly got a tremendous discount.

Massive Discount on Greenwood Lake, NY Castle

The last publicly-listed price for the Greenwood Lake, NY castle before the sale was $6.3 million, more than a 50% discount from the original listing (and the accepted offer may have been even lower still). Is the luxury home market stalling in the Hudson Valley?

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There are several palatial homes in the area that have been sitting on the market for years. Dutchess County's most expensive house ever listed, for example, is still waiting for a buyer after a nearly 70% price decrease. Maybe these homes are just meant to gawk out on Zillow (take a tour of both homes below).

This Literal Castle for Sale has a Lagoon, Infinity Pool, and FOUR Kitchens

Live like royalty in this lakeside castle in Orange County, NY

Gallery Credit: Jonah

The Most Expensive House for Sale in Dutchess County History

At $45,000,000, Ledgerock is the most expensive residential property for sale in Dutchess county. Ever.