The local real estate market has been a hot button issue for years in the Hudson Valley, but one county has just emerged head and shoulders above the rest in terms of home price increases.

Our cluster of counties just north of New York City have been consistently rising in popularity, and home prices have been along for the ride. While prices seemed to have leveled out last year, a new uptick has sent the real estate market in one Hudson Valley county into the stratosphere.

A split photo of a single family home and the Hudson River
Home prices in the Hudson Valley, NY are once again on the rise (hikesterson/Loic Antoine via Canva)

Real Estate Prices in the Hudson Valley, NY

Despite price increases in multiple counties, the Hudson Valley is still considered a "buyer's" housing market. While prices in Dutchess and Orange Counties have risen roughly 9.4% and 6.5% respectively, another neighboring county has seen skyrocketing numbers.

Photo of a single family home with a for sale sign
A recent report says that the median home price in Ulster County has risen over 25% in the last year (Canva)

Increases in Median Home Prices in Ulster County, NY

According to real estate company Redfin, Ulster County, NY has seen a staggering 25.5% increase in median home prices since 2023, with a rise from roughly $350,000 in May of 2023 to almost $450,000 in May 2024. There's at least one theory as to why Ulster County was so dramatically different.

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Ulster County, NY Rising in Popularity

Recently, the Town of Ulster's clerks office reported a record-breaking amount of marriage license applications. Town clerk Suzanne Reavy shared that the increase mirrored a rising interest in Ulster County from non-residents as a perfect destination to tie the knot. Combined with the steep increase in home prices, Ulster County may be emerging as the prime Hudson Valley destination for tourism.

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There are other signs, too. Ulster County has seen a rise in luxury Airbnb rentals, and the county continues to be a favorite location for Hollywood stars as well. Check out photos of Willem Dafoe's former Ulster County hideaway below.

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