Is creativity truly dead in the music industry? Did Sam Smith really rip off Radiohead's iconic song? You be the judge.

Original ideas in Hollywood have been dead for a while now.  We are getting sequels, reboot and spin-offs shoved down our throats every month. Has it spread to the music industry?

Mark Metcalf, Getty Images

According to Stereo Gum, singer, Sam Smith has taken some heat lately for mimicking Radiohead's most known song, Creep. Is it really plagiarism or is it just stealing? You can compare Sam Smith's new song, Midnight Train and Radiohead's, Creep and judge for yourself here.

After reviewing myself and listening to Sam Smith too much for my own good I have say they do sound similar but I think calling it a "rip off" is a bit of stretch. There are far more blatant cases of infringement in rock history.

Music can be apart of our identities we are far more defensive of it and quick to call the artist out for plagiarism.