Wait. They're from New York? Shouldn't it be called New York Iced Tea? How are they still only $.99? I'm sorry but I have so many questions.

Arizona Iced Tea drinks have always been hugely underrated in my opinion. When you're thirsty and you don't want a soda, Arizona is always a reliable and strong choice. They have a variety of flavors and you can find them at almost any store for a consistent price of just $.99. It turns out that Arizona Iced Tea has a headquarters not far from the Hudson Valley. Did you know this company was from New York? The name totally threw me off. I don't know why it's not called New York Iced Tea. Maybe America wouldn't trust it. When you buy Arizona are you really buying local?

One of the most popular beverage companies in America is from right here in New York and it's still here. According to their website, Arizona Iced Tea was founded in Brooklyn, New York back in 1992. It also remains to be a family owned and operated business. It was founded by Don Vultaggio and he runs the business with his two sons, Wesley & Spencer.

Today, Arizona's headquarters in Woodbury, New York.

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The popular beverage company has gained more positive attention over the past few months for how they are handling inflation. Most companies have increased their prices for consumer goods by roughly 8.5 % due to inflation. We haven't seen an increase like this in about 30 years. Despite the increase, Arizona's big cans continue to be in stores for less than $1.

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