This is a safe space, don't worry.

Think of this as your confession with a priest. Except I can tell everyone what you tell me and it's online so everyone can see it. But don't be worried or afraid you can tell me. Did you panic buy gas this week? It's nothing to be ashamed of, and it's probably good to get it off your chest.

Monday afternoon, sometime around 2 p.m. I got a text from my mom/ It was sent to my brother and me warning us to go buy gas and fill up at the pump. Confused, I of course, asked why. She said a pipeline had been hacked by Russia and prices would go up. Now, prices have already been going up. I thought this was some great insider info and I was sure to get the last gas in the country. Yes, exaggeration.

But believe it or not, I didn't fill up at the pump that day. And a few days later, I still haven't. The perks of a short commute to the station. Oh, and mom, if you're reading this you can't be mad at me. I'll have to buy gas probably on Friday and I'm sure I'll be mad at whatever price it is. But at the end of the day, if I filled up on Monday, I'd still have to fill up sometime within a week. I'm always going to need to buy gas! No matter what the cost is, I will be buying gasoline.

So please tell me, did you panic buy gas this week?

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