A local Ulster County rest stop looks like it could be used as a filming location for the next episode of The Last of Us.

Which states have the best and worst rest stops?

I have traveled through the state of Ohio dozens of times and I have to say they may have some of the cleanest rest stops I have ever seen. On the Ohio Turnpike, all of the rest areas are uniform and all the same. They have similar layouts, similar shops and they all have gas stations.

Another thing that you can count on at those rest areas is that they are almost always clean. Cleanliness is something that you really depend on when arriving at a stop.

How do rest areas in New York compare?

I cannot report on every single rest stop in the State of New York but one, in particular, is getting some attention.

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Whether they are commuting to work or traveling through the state, thousands of New Yorkers and people from out of state travel on I-87 every single day. It's safe to say that Thruway rest stops see a lot of foot traffic.

Google Maps
Google Maps

I'm not sure how often they get cleaned but someone took pictures of the Malden Travel Plaza in Saugerties and they were shocked and absolutely repulsed by the lack of attention this stop was getting.

If this is what the outside looked like I don't even want to know what the bathrooms looked like.


Have you noticed a lack of upkeep at local rest areas?

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