Male cat owners have a weird stigma attached to them. Let's dispel the myths because single male cat owners are on the rise and there's probably a good reason.

Are cats the way to a ladies heart? Maybe they are replacing dogs as the new favorite pet? It looks like it may be as the more single men are starting to adopt cats as their pets. Why is this trend rising?

As a male cat owner, I can speak from a little experience on this. I didn't run out and adopt theses for myself. I was in a relationship and I was forced to keep them but I have noticed that they have their benefits when dating new women. I've noticed that women do love my cats when they come over. I think that the cuteness lets there guard down. A loud, rambunctious or protective dog could be a bit much.

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Here is a great reason to date a cat guy according to Bustle.

Cat guys are experts in reading body language. We can gather how you're feeling based on your body movement.