Is it me or is this the lamest year for horror movies and shows on television?

I'm not shy about my stance on the month of October. I love the weeks leading into  Halloween and I know I am not alone. One of the best things about Halloween is the horror movies that are constantly played on television. There are also tons of good scary movies on streaming platforms. There's just one problem. I've seen almost all of them.

I know it seems unlikely but I think I honestly have. It seems like AMC is playing the same 10 movies on repeat. I'm starting to think that they named the film Halloween: H20 because that channel plays that movie about 20 times a day.

There 3 shows that recently aired on Netlfix that I was really looking forward to. Monster: The Jeffrey Dahmer Story, The Midnight Club and The Watcher. I won't give you any spoilers but as a horror movie fan I was disappointed with the frits two. The Watcher was okay. I haven't noticed any good new horror movies out.

All and all I have not been impressed by this October's offering.

Some of these movies are so repetitive and similar. What's with all of these new movies about haunted house?