Here at WRRV we talk a lot about our pets (sorry, not sorry).  They are just as much members of our family as our parents, children, etc.

I shared some photos of my poor girls dressed up in their Halloween costumes earlier this fall, and told you about how I have seasonal cat toys that come out for Christmas only.  I know it's kind of crazy but it's just who I am.

Nick recently showed off his cat in her Christmas attire - #cute

What I want to know now, is, do you buy gifts for your pets for the holidays?

My answer to this question should come as no surprise, as I obviously go all out for my 4 legged family members for the holidays.  Stocking stuffers, wrapped presents, all of it.  When I make my list the cats have their own category, just after my daughter.

A friend of mine was just telling me how she bought her friend's new puppy a totally cute Christmas gift, so I know i'm not alone here.

In case you were wondering, my girls are getting treats and a few toys each in their stockings, a new tunnel and a heated cat bed - spoiled, I know!

Meowy Christmas :)