In a state where many people are notorious for not using their turn signals on the roadways what are you legally required to do in a parking lot? You might just be surprised.

I don't know what it is but some people seem like they have a phobia with using their turn signals. It doesn't seem like there's any middle ground here. You're either really anal about using it or you don't use it all.

Have you ever seen that meme on social media where it shows a nice car with a spotless interior except around the turn signal indicator is and it's covered in dust and cobwebs? We've probably never seen that in real life but there's a good chance we've seen a driver who looks like they would have that in their car.

How many times has a driver cut in front of you while you were driving on the Taconic and they merged in your lane without using a signal. It's annoying and it's also illegal and could score you a ticket.

According to the DMV, you need to turn your signal on 100ft before you turn.

What about in a parking lot?

If you're getting ready to park in a space to the right of your car do you need to signal that you're turning in there?

According to The Parking Spot, you should use your blinker in a parking lot as a form of etiquette but there isn't any mandates from the state that say you have to since the parking lot is a private road. However, in some instances the business can post road rules that may require you to.

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