Maybe it was your first car or maybe you're stuck with it now. Maybe you just collect cars. Did you ever own one of the worst cars ever made? Does your beater make the list?

When life gives you lemons, sometimes your just stuck with it and have to drive it because you have no choice. The Street has compiled a list of the top ten worst cars ever built and some of them on the list are no surprise.

10. Ford Pinto - Any car named after a bean can never be cool. The fact that it could burst into flames in low gear probably didn't help.

9. PT Cruiser - It's constant issue and horrible looks earned it the nickname "PT Loser".

8Reliant Robin - This three wheeled piece was incredibly and unstable. Apparently, you could not turn going faster than 25  mph.

7. Lincoln Continental Mark IV - I guess people only want to drive boats on the water and don't want to look like Corella DeVille.

6. FSO Polonez - It was built in the Soviet Union. Of course it's terrible.

5Citroen Pluriel - Maybe you've seen one of these piles of junk around. Hopefully just as a joke in some video game. It comes in a convertible. Supposedly, it's pieced together like Lego. Sounds safe to me.

4. BMW X6 - When someone from the show, Top Gear says it is "the Stupidest Car in the World". You should probably head back to the drawing board.

3. 2002 Lexus SC 430 - This car actually isn't terrible but for a price tag of over $60K combined with high maintenance costs, this car made the list.

2. Pontiac Aztek - No, just because it was in AMC's Breaking Bad doesn't mean it's cool.

Drum roll please! The worst car is...

1. Eagle Premier - Voted by car enthusiasts everywhere to be the absolute worst not because what it is but or what it's lacking which is everything. The car is so lame and bare bones with almost no features despite being listed as a luxury car. I think that since it's a luxury car and we haven't heard of it is enough right there.

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