Recently many police have reported a rash of car break-ins. The reports include the break-ins, people stealing things out of the car, or even situations where the car is stolen. How do the police think that the thieves are so easily able to get into these cars?

In the recent reports, the police say that all of the cars were unlocked. Does it make it easier for the thieves to break into the cars?

Why should you lock your car in New York State?

Car keys left in a lock

There are reasons to lock your car, one of them is, if your car is locked, then the thief has to work at it to break into your car. If someone has to break into your car, this can cause a significant amount of damage to your car. Damage which is costly to replace. If you don't lock your car, then if someone is great with hot wiring cars your car can easily (and quickly) disappear. 

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Do you think that it is the belongings in the car that the thief wants?


If you do a great job and keep nothing in your car, do you think that it is ok to leave your car unlocked? Not so quick. There are items that are in your car, that are a physical part of your car, like the airbags, that a thief can take off your car and sell. Another high theft (and high value item) is the catalytic converter, which thieves can steal off your car even if it is locked.

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