It's bad when a road is so rough that it's featured in a horrific crash scene in a Marvel movie.

The Hudson Valley has a lot of busy and dangerous roadways. Who knew that one spawned a Marvel Superhero? I would think that in a world where just about anything is possible their roads would be amazing. I guess we can't safe roads in a universe where Thor is crushing smashing them all with his hammer and The Incredible Hulk is running on them.

I've seen Doctor Strange a few times. I always thought that some of the scenes looked familiar but I didn't know where I recognized them from. It turns out some scenes were filmed right in our own backyard.

According to On Location Tours, the scene of the crash where Doctor Strange lost control of his car took place on Rte 97 just a few miles away from Port Jervis, New York. Hawk's Nest Road has been featured on Most of the film was made in Manhattan but it's cool that the Hudson Valley played a big role in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Since the release of Doctor Strange in 2016, The Hudson Valley has been the backdrop for several popular movies and our region continues to grow as a popular filming destination.

Several of the projects filmed in the Hudson Valley have gotten heavy acclaim from critics and have even won major awards. I Know This Much is True, the miniseries with Mark Ruffalo won a Golden Globe, an Emmy and an award from the Screen Actors Guild.

Netflix just released a film that was shot locally called Things Heard & Seen. There are more projects in development.

Maybe the Hudson Valley just has the magic that Hollywood scouts are looking for.


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