There are three things that just about all of us do. Do they makes us geniuses? Maybe.

Who would have thought that being a foul mouthed, nudist who eats spicy food could mean you're smarter than the average bear?

Since I partake in all three of those activities I kind of knew there was some connection. Does that make me a genius? Researchers from The University of Rochester claim it does. Three common habits were found in genius IQ levels. The habits include eating spicy things for breakfast, walking around your home naked and cursing a lot.


Jonangelo molinari

According to a study found in the Daily Mail, people who walk around naked and swear a lot are more intelligent. Out of 1,000 people who were surveyed they found that smarter people shared those common traits.

Does this study hold up? I'm not sure how much validity this one has. I have the mouth of a sailor, I love spicy food and the first thing I do when I get home is trip naked but I consider myself to be far from a genius.

I like to get naked, eat spicy things and watch television not read a book.