In case you haven't heard, plenty of people pirate movies, music, software, and everything else. And if you haven't heard, welcome! I hope your trip through time from 1994 to now went smoothly.

But what happens when one of the biggest personalities on the planet, a genuine international superstar, gets caught in the act of pirating?

Well, probably nothing. But it's pretty funny. And he got caught by another huge star, so that's even more fun.

In his attempt to take a screen shot and demonstrate his current musical influences, Kanye West neglected to close out the rest of the tabs, which indicated that he was on The Pirate Bay, looking for Serum, a synthesizer plug-in. EDM producer Deadmau5 noticed this and, well, called him out on it.

I guess he needs that Zuckerberg bailout money after all. Hey, it's been about 15 minutes since we've heard from Martin Shkreli, maybe he wants to donate to the cause.

It should be noted, and was pointed out thoroughly by Gizmodo, that Kanye West has been a loud advocate for people paying for music online, specifically through the Tidal service.

Well, at least this means he's working on new music and not trying to fool himself into thinking his clothing design is good.