Today I learned that ice isn't the only thing you have to look out for when commuting the Hudson Valley after a big snow storm.

It has been a pretty light winter so far but the Hudson Valley region finally got a significant snow fall last night. Most of the are saw about 5" of snow accumulate. It wasn't a record amount of snowfall by any means but it is enough to make the roads unsafe during your commute especially in the mornings before the plow and salt trucks have made it out.

I guess even after the roads have been plowed they still have some hidden dangers. Black ice is often a concern for drivers after a big snowstorm. It can be difficult to see the frozen puddles on the roads. Some dangers aren't exactly hidden. While I was driving home from work today I noticed a water main cap on 9D in Wappingers Falls.

Who is at fault when something like this happens? Is this something that the plow truck driver should have noticed and then picked up? Was the cap never attached correctly by the DPW?

This is not the first time I have almost run over a water main cap in Dutchess County. I nearly hit one in Poughkeepsie that wasn't attached correctly. The road was just paved and the cap was sticking out and could have cause some damage to my tire or wheel.

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