A massively helpful YouTube channel that aims to help New York residents pass their road tests with the department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) has recently come to the Hudson Valley.

The channel, NYCLearnToDrive, describes itself as a "channel for new drivers, advanced drivers, and it includes driving tips and advice to help you pass your driving road test." The star content is the detailed manner in which the creator takes viewers through the actual local road test they will be taking.

NYCLearnToDrive via YouTube
NYCLearnToDrive via YouTube

Take a Video Tour of Newburgh, NY's Driver's Test

"Hello everyone, we are at the Newburgh Auto & Motorcycle [test site]", begins a recent drive-along video aimed at Orange County residents. The video (below), filmed from the passenger seat, claims to take drivers through the same route that they will take when they are evaluated during their actual driving test in Newburgh, NY.

NYCLearnToDrive YouTube Channel

The driver narrates as they travel through the residential streets of the city of Newburgh, adding helpful driving instructions as they go. "This is an all-way [stop sign]", he says as he takes viewers down Prospect Street, "there is no safety line... make sure you fully stop and look right and left". Luckily, the YouTube channel has recently branched out to many other test sites in the Hudson Valley as well.

New videos from NYCLearnToDrive include car and motorcycle test routes for Goshen , NY (above), Port Jervis, NY, and Peekskill, NY. Each video opens with a clear description of the test's location before switching to inside the driver's car to begin the road test.


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While disclaimers state that the channel is not intended as a proverbial cheat-code for the test, it could be helpful for many people who wish to know what to expect when they get behind the wheel. Check out some roads you may want to avoid below, and keep scrolling to check out some of the best road-trip stops in New York state, too.

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