It was a cold, wet rainy morning and all I wanted was a nice hot cup of apple cider to get my morning going. I pulled up to the drive thru and was running my order through me head.

"Welcome to Dunkin'! What can we get for you today?"

"Hi, can I get a medium hot apple cider and ___________?"

"Oh, we're sorry ma'am! We're no longer offering our apple cider."


It is true. Dunkin' locations all over the Utica/Rome area are no longer offering apple cider drinks.

I really do have a question though, because I don't understand. Why is there such a push on pumpkin spice and then they just completely eliminate the other side of the fall beverage game, being apple cider?

Dunkin' brought many fall items earlier this year than ever before. They had a whole line of pumpkin spice items back on the menu by August. To me, that's a little bit early - but the nation was so happy the items were back.

I guess I just thought "oh, maybe it's too early for apple products. They'll be back for the fall." Nope.

We called around to the majority of the Dunkin' locations in the Mohawk Valley, and apple drinks are not available at any of the locations for Fall 2020. What a bummer!

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So what are your thoughts on this? Do you think that Dunkin' should also have apple cider drinks on their menu or are you fine with just pumpkin spice items? Are you #TeamPSL or #TeamApple? Let us know inside the station app!

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