Producers for a high-end feature film set to shoot in the Hudson Valley in 2021 are on the lookout for a home in the area to use as a primary location. The Hudson Valley Film Commission reports a Tier 1 union film seeks a house in the Poughkeepsie/Pleasant Valley/Hopewell Junction/Fishkill area to play a major part in the unnamed project.

Producers and location scouts will be visiting the area to determine which location will be the best fit. The characters that will live in the house have been there for more than 30 years so it needs to fit a very lived-in feel. A modern vibe is not what they're looking for in terms of the interior or exterior. The ideal home should be secluded and should have a forest/woods closeby.

The father in the story is a carpenter and woodworker so a garage with a workshop would be helpful. The art department on the production team can create one but having one on-site already is ideal.

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Anyone with a local home in mind that could fit the bill, send an email with a photo and contact information to the Hudson Valley Film Commission to

It's not the first time producers have used homes in the area for major productions. The Emmy winning I Know This Much Is True recently used a Poughkeepsie area home as the childhood home for the Birdsey brothers played by actor Mark Ruffalo.

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