A Dutchess County student brought a prop pistol to school and was showing students on the bus. In a letter from the Arlington School District to the parents of Titusville students, it stated that a student brought a prop pistol to school and showed it to a friend on the bus.

Other students became aware of the situation, and one student immediately notified a trusted adult. The prop pistol was confiscated.

According to the letter, "The prop cannot be utilized to project anything from it; however, its appearance and presence on school property caused a disruption among some of our students." The student who brought the prop to school will be subjected to measures outlined the school's code of conduct.

The letter reinforced the importance of making good decisions that promote safety. Objects that could be perceived as weapons or that could otherwise frighten another person should never be brought to school.

For any questions or concerns, parents or caregivers can all Mr. Shornstein at (845) 486-4470.

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