This could bring up to 500 full time jobs to the Hudson Valley.

It's been a difficult year for employment in the Hudson Valley and the rest of New York. COVID-19 decimated many jobs early on in the pandemic last year. At the beginning of the shutdown we learned about what jobs were essential and what jobs were not. We also learned a little bit about what companies could survive the coronavirus pandemic. Many business have been hit hard but Amazon seemed to flourish.

Amazon continues to grow and has been approved to add another location in the Hudson Valley region.

It's been months since the Amazon announced it was looking at the Town of East Fishkill for another warehouse location. The new location was said to bring roughly 500 jobs to area. The idea was proposed in November of 2020.

The Town of East Fishkill's Supervisor, Nicholas D'Alessandro shared the press release on his Facebook page sharing the big news. Last Friday, the Town of East Fishkill approved Amazon to build a 630,000-square-foot warehouse on the old IMB east and west campus. The press release does confirm that 500 full time jobs will be coming with the new facility along with several part-time construction jobs. The area will also see significant tax revenue along with a multitude of other benefits from the new warehouse.

This is exciting news for the town of East Fishkill and is one giant leap in revitalizing the iPark area after the exit of IBM.

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