Easter is coming (April 16, 2017) and with it you might be thinking already about assembling Easter Baskets. While kids of all ages love getting a basket filled with chocolate and other goodies, you might want to keep your four-legged furry kids in mind, for their safety.

There are things in that Easter basket that can harm and even hurt the fur-kids. Here are a few things that you will want to keep away from the pets:

  • Anything that is chocolate. There is an ingredient that the furry ones can not handle. It could cause vomiting or diarrhea (both of which could cause dehydration) and in larger doses it could be fatal.
  • Plastic Easter Grass. I have seen both dogs and cats (especially cats) be mesmerized by this stuff. It can cause gastric obstructions. There are ways that even a little piece can cause big issues. Call the veterinarian if you even suspect that the furry ones have gotten into the Easter grass.
  • Easter Lillie's can be toxic to cats. If your cat is like mine, they are curious and interested in everything. Even if your kitty just starts to lick the plant, they can ingest enough of the toxins in the plant to make them seriously sick, should they ingest more of the plant, it can be fatal.

Do you have any other suggestions of what to keep away from the furry family members at the Easter holiday?