Earlier this year we discussed the new Peeps flavored coffee creamer (that got a big ol' thumbs down from me, too sweet).

Then, chocolate covered Peeps entered the game and our toothbrushes likely shrieked because of the amount of sugar we were about to consume.

Recently, we let you in on the new Peep in town, the Peep on A Perch, cousin to the Elf on the Shelf --- same idea, only this guy reports back to the bunny this holiday season instead of Santa.

You can also get your Peeps fix with the new seasonal Dunkin' coffee and donuts flavors.

Well, my friends, if you have been dying for even more marshmallow-y fun in your life, welcome breakfast Peeps!  Saturday I was at Target in Poughkeepsie, when, out of the corner of her eye, my 3.5 year old spotted a giant colorful family size box of Peeps Cereal!  According to Tiphero

It’s just what you’d imagine: little marshmallow-flavored yellow, blue and pink cereal pieces filled with chewy marshmallow pieces. It’s kind of like if Froot Loops and Lucky Charms had a baby, except tasting exactly like your favorite Easter candy: Peeps marshmallow chicks and bunnies.

My daughter begged, the mean mom I am said no (partly because we try to avoid sugary cereal, but mostly because i'd probably end up eating most of it).

We ended up coming home with a stuffed animal Peep instead --- not that we needed another stuffed animal, but #compromise, am I right?

Will you be pouring a bowl of Peeps marshmallow cereal?