So, let me get this straight. I could win money by eating Oreo's? This might be proof that dreams can come true.

If I had a time machine I would go back and slap my guidance counselor for not telling me that one day I would be paid to stuff my face with milk's favorite cookie.

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It seems like every couple of months we hear about Oreo's crazy and absurd new flavors. They've had everything from Swedish Fish to Apple Pie cookies. Now, Oreo is taking it one step further.

According to Food & Wine Magazine, Oreo has a new flavor coming out and it's a mystery flavor. We will not be told what it is. After you try the mystery flavor and you think you know the answer you can go to Oreo's website and enter your guess. You'll then be in the running to win some serious cash.

What could it hurt to try?

Even if you don't win you just go to eat a bunch of cookies.