So you did it. You try to eat healthy and you make sure that you have your desk drawer or glove compartment stocked with quick snack. You open the drawer, you are about to reach in there for one of your Cliff Bars and then you remember.... Recall!

What is this particular recall about? Glass? Metal pieces? Nothing like that. Nope, this particular instance can be even more harmful if you are allergic to tree nuts or peanuts. Neither is disclosed as being an ingredient in the above packages of Cliff Bars. According to the, the only lots that are affected are the ones with the following codes,24MAR16M 09FEB18M, 31MAY16M 15OCT17M and 05APR16M3 23APR18M3.

The company has not disclosed as to how the possible contamination occurred. If you do not have the allergy, do not worry the product is safe to consume. If you do have the allergy, return the products to the place of purchase for an exchange or refund, do not eat them.