Ed Kowalczyk fronted the band Live for many years before setting out on his own. Thursday, he's set to play a show in the Hudson Valley. Today he called WRRV to discuss what's in store for the show, his plans to work on new music and the worldwide demand for shows on the 'Throwing Copper' Anniversary Tour. The tour itself has now gone for almost 2 years, picking up steam along the way.

Sugarloaf Performing Arts Center will host Ed Kowalczyk Thursday night and there are still some tickets available. Now is the time to catch this tour because as Ed mentions in the interview, the Sugarloaf show is one of the final shows of the tour. He'll be touring in the future, but this will end the marathon tribute to one of the biggest albums of the 90s, 'Throwing Copper'.

Here's where I geek out a little, seeing Live was my first concert experience at a small club in New Britain, CT called The Sting. The opener? Weezer.