You've always wanted social media and technology to come together and form some kind of unholy Voltron with your favorite brands, right? No? Too bad, you're getting it anyway.

In the latest attempt of a major corporation trying to sit at your lunch table, Pepsi has decided that their new marketing campaing--Say It With Pepsi--will be based entirely around emojis. Yep, the little dudes you use as ironic punctuation and to let people know you're keeping it 100 100 100 will now be part of the sugar water you drink.

"Pepsi is bringing a completely fun, fresh and shareable way for fans to express their emotions, as the brand brings emojis into the world like never before," said Chad Stubbs, VP of Marketing, Pepsi TM. "From unique five-second TV ads to an interactive Times Square Billboard to nearly half a billion PepsiMoji bottles across Pepsi, Diet Pepsi and Pepsi MAX hitting retail shelves, everyone will want to #SayItWithPepsi this summer."

Sure. Shout out to PepsiMax though. Add a cherry version and everything is good.