No, they aren't parking the food truck, just giving the Hudson Valley more opportunities to get their hands on their infamous empanadas.

The Empanada Mama has announced that they are going to be opening a storefront location in Fishkill, just off Route 9 and Main Street, within the next few months.  The owners decided to expand because they really wanted a steady location, somewhere for customers to come and relax, sit down, and enjoy a cup of coffee and a conversation.

Empanada Mama's Origin Story

Locals may have spotted the Empanada Mama truck at various locations across the Hudson Valley over the past year or so.  In speaking with owner Jessica 'Empanada Mama', she stated that they had their first real year of food trucking last year, and they were busier than they could ever imagine!  They have also been offering delivery recently as well.

We started at one brewery, then a winery, then Adams Fairacre Farms, then they just kept calling us back.  Word got around and people would reach out asking us to come to their events.  We exploded overnight it seems.

So what can empanada fans expect of the cafe location?  They will be offering the same delicious menu as the food truck, only with more flavors.  They'll have breakfast, lunch, dinner, and dessert empanadas, along with hot coffee, cold drinks, and eventually, they hope to offer soft serve as well.

When Can You Visit the Empanada Mama Cafe?

Ideally, the owners are aiming for an April 1st opening for The Empanada Mama Cafe, which will be located at 18 Church Street in Fishkill, right Next to Fishkill Elementary in the old Fishkill Glass building.

We can't wait to experience the Empanada Mama Cafe within the next few months, now the big decision is, do we start with breakfast, lunch, dinner, or dessert?

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