If you were eating dinner in Westchester on Saturday night, you may have run into a guy in a sombrero celebrating his 34th birthday. Guess what? That guy was probably Eric Trump, the son of the guy from Celebrity Apprentice (and some other stuff, too).

Eric Trump could be seen on Saturday night at Guadalajara restaurant in Briarcliff surrounded by friends. He was wearing a sombrero and blew out the candles on a Fudgie The Whale cake from Carvel (an action which seems ripe for parody from Saturday Night Live's Eric Trump caricature, who is constantly seen with food or toys geared towards children). Eric Trump has actually expressed his love of Guadalajara in the past, saying his family enjoys eating there when they can.

The Trumps have property all over New York, so it's no surprise they have favorite restaurants all over the place. Eric was just in the area a few months ago, hosting a secret charity event.

Bonus Video: WRRV Morning Grind