Eric Trump, the son of Donald Trump (former host of Celebrity Apprentice, current host of Celebrity President), made an appearance in the Hudson Valley last week. But he may have wanted to keep it under wraps: the Eric Trump Foundation hosted a secret charity event at Trump National Golf Club in Westchester County on September 18th, even though the foundation is still under investigation by the New York state attorney general. 

The foundation is accused of funneling some of its donations into other charities and businesses, specifically ones with ties to the Trump family. The charity's name has been changed to Curetivity and is legally allowed to raise money while the investigation continues, but the secrecy surrounding the event suggests the public wasn't meant to know the event was happening.

Donald Trump has made his feelings known about the investigation and Eric's potential conflict of interest in the past (on Twitter, of course). Last year, Eric Trump posted a letter to his website which stated that "effective December 31, 2016, I have decided to cease all direct fundraising efforts of my foundation." He was seen throughout the event, posing for pictures with attendees.