In true adult fashion, I never realized how often one needs the 'seal of approval' - literally - from a Notary Public.  Property exchanges, wills, agreements, etc. typically require a Notary and i've found myself googling, or even posting on social media asking if I have someone who can help notarize something for me (usually last minute).

According to

As official representatives of the state, Notaries Public certify the proper execution of many of the life-changing documents of private citizens — whether those diverse transactions convey real estate, grant powers of attorney, establish a prenuptial agreement, or perform the multitude of other activities that enable our civil society to function.

It was just announced that there will be 3 upcoming opportunities to participate in the Notary Public Class, right in Fishkill.

Classes are being held on Friday September 13th, Friday November 15th, and Friday January 17th (2020) and registration is required through this site.  Classes run from 8am until 1pm at the Holiday Inn in Fishkill, and more information about cost, other locations for the course, or even online training options are available through the link above as well.