It's still hard to belie that face masks have become some a big issue. But when you're in the middle of a pandemic, that can the case. We've seen the multiple viral videos since spring where someone refuses to wear a mask at a local business and gets called out. Then, there's the videos where someone gets confrontational, while waiting in line, because someone isn't wearing their mask. You can't win sometimes.

But now, there might some extra incentive if you're a bacon lover to always wear that mask out in public, or even in the house if you want. Bacon scented face masks. It's a real thing. Weird? Yes. But, not only can you win one, the promotion is actually for a good cause too. Would you try it?

ABC says between now and October 28 you can win a free mask that smells like bacon by clicking HERE. Hormel has come up with something they call the "Black label breathable bacon.". Just click on the link above and register. So what's this good cause we mentioned? ABC says that  Hormel will donate one meal to Feeding America for every request, up to 10,000.

Hormel calls their invention the latest in pork scented technology, which implies this isn't the first nor the last time they've tried something like this.

You can help prevent the spread of any airborne illnesses, and also smell great too. We don't recommend eating the mask though. Also, walking near a dog park might not be the best idea either. And then there's the whole part about your vegetarian or vegan friends never wanting to talk to you ever again. But would anyone actually want a mask that smells like broccoli?

We also don't know if the scent starts to wear off the more you wash it. That's something we'll just have to find out ourselves.

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