A rumor has been circulating online that the former CEO of Amazon was spotted looking to a buy a facility off of Rte 9 in Fishkill. Here's what we know.

Was Jeff Bezos visiting the Hudson Valley this past weekend? That was a rumor that was spreading all over local community group Facebook pages centered around the Hudson Valley.

Jeff Bezos is wealthy and the Hudson Valley is gorgeous so it's not that far fetched. Many celebrities escape to the region especially during the fall. However, the rumor was that Bezos was here for business not pleasure.

The rumor was that Bezos' helicopter had landed near the Gap distribution warehouse in Fishkill. It's not clear where the original post came from but another post showed the helicopter in flight over the facility and read:

"Has anyone else heard that this is Jeff Bezos looking at the new building??? Going to try to get my telescope out to see"


Jessica Buono
Jessica Buono

It doesn't sound too likely that Bezos would open up a new venture here but if it were true it would be pretty exciting.

What's the real story? Is Jeff Bezos looking to open up shop in Fishkill, New York? We did some digging. Here's what we know.

East Fishkill approved an Amazon fulfillment center back in March and it looks like construction and loading of the warehouse has already begun and that is all what appears to be happening here.

Despite rumors and speculation on social media the helicopters were reportedly working for Amazon but were not passenger helicopters. They were identified as Sikorsky S-58T's which are used to move large shipping containers and equipment.

Someone working at the facility this past weekend proved that's what the choppers were being used for in a video he posted.

Mark Feliciano
Mark Feliciano

It appears Amazon was here but not Jeff Bezos. Sorry to burst your bubble. It's easy for stories to spread out of control on social media.

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