Is Ames really making a comeback? I can't help but think we're being trolled like when they said Chick-fil-A was coming to Poughkeepsie.

I've been suspicious of the return of Ames Department Stores since it has been announced. It turns out I'm not the only one. One of the biggest fact-checkers on the internet seems to have doubts as well.

A lot of people believe that Ames is making a comeback after the announcement on their supposed website. The website stated that Ames would be returning in the Spring of 2023. There wasn't much additional information shared originally. There was only a link to a LinkedIn page that said it was a project by The Molyneux Group which was based out of Mississippi, yet the Ames Department Stores LinkedIn page said they were out of Gloversville, New York.

Is Ames Actually Returning to New York?



Strangely enough, one of the pages they follow on Twitter is WRRV's page after I published my suspicions weeks ago.

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There would be building plans, blueprints, leases and employees. I don't think it could be kept a secret.

Is it real though? I have had my doubts and I'm not the only one. The fact-checking website seems to be very skeptical as well.

As of December, 29 they didn't write it off as a complete hoax but they noticed some odd things with the announcement like I did. Snopes has not confirmed the return of Ames or marked it as false either. They still need to do more research. If there are this many questions about its authenticity, I have to imagine this is an elaborate hoax. I'd loved to be proved wrong.    

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