One of the Hudson Valley's most popular parks and outdoor education centers has received a major makeover.

In a statement earlier this week, Governor Kathy Hochul announced the reopening of the Taconic Outdoor Education Center at Fahnestock State Park, which closed during the summer of 2019 for renovation work.  The two year project, referred to as a modernization, came in at a 6.2 million dollar price tag.

In her announcement, Hochul spoke about the project:

This $6.2 million modernization of Fahnestock State Park's Educational Center will allow students and visitors alike to appreciate, and learn about, our environment through a whole new lens, with the project now complete, this enhanced facility will not only provide an improved experience for park visitors, but will be a key asset for the next generation as they learn how to conserve our precious natural resources and fight against the impacts of climate change.

The original facilities on site at the Taconic Outdoor Education Center at Fahnestock were built in the 1970s and in need of updating.  The center now includes an education pavilion in addition to the Highland Lodge and nine all-season rustic cabins.  The site is also home to maple sugaring, team building rope course, programs for scouting badges, nature events, conversation camps and obviously environmental education.

The Education Center is host to a number of visitors, including more than 167,000 between 2000 and 2010.  Visitors range from scouting troops and youth groups to public and private schools, colleges, universities and civic organizations.

NY Works provided funding for the project, along with a donation from State Council of Parks Chair Lucky Rockefeller Waletzky for the brand new outdoor teaching pavilion.

To read Governor Hochul's complete announcement about Taconic Outdoor Education Center at Fahnestock State Park and see photos, click here.

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